Public relations

—— Accept customers' opinions and Suggestions on behalf of the enterprise, establish mutual understanding, trust and support between the enterprise and the customer, and establish a good corporate image.

Key account public relations manager

Job responsibilities:

1、Independently complete customer visits and product sales;
2、Responsible for key account development, establishing stable customer relationship and maintaining existing customer resources;
3、Write major client research report and client solutions;
5、Achieve sales target.
Job requirements:
1、At least 3 years sales working experience;
2、Quick thinking, strong affinity, good professional quality;
3、Pay attention to efficiency, adapt to the high-intensity and fast-paced working environment, have passion and strong sense of teamwork;
4、Correct facial features, good image, good temperament;
5、Strong market development, customer communication skills, strong communication skills and team management skills;
6、Have working experience in industrial industry or have certain customer resources, and have keen observation, analysis and judgment ability;
7、Able to work under pressure and meet sales performance requirements.

The sales department

—— Fully responsible for company sales and achieve company sales target.

Sales engineer

Job responsibilities:

1、Prepare sales plan according to department sales plan, sales strategy and sales model;
2、According to the feedback, collection and summary of market information, understand the situation of the market and competitors;
3、Familiar with the business knowledge of the industry;
4、Finish the work assigned by sales manager;
5、Visit customers regularly and regularly and keep records;
6、Timely reply to client inquiries;
7、Maintain good communication with customers according to customer information and requirements;
8、Report the problem to sales manager and solve it as soon as possible.
9、Daily record of work done on ERP;
10、Attend the department weekly meeting on time every week and report the work progress of this week.
11、Put forward the deficiencies and problems in the work and discuss the solution policy, and prepare the sales work plan for next week;
12、Follow up potential customers and visit customers;
13、Strive to achieve monthly sales target.
Job requirements: 
1、College degree or above, major in mechanical, automation, electrical, mold, injection molding and marketing;
2、At least 1 year related working experience in mechanical field. Working experience in hot runner is preferred
3、Optimistic and cheerful personality, willing to deal with people; Good team spirit;
4、Good execution ability, able to finish the assigned task on time.
5、Willing to develop with the company and work in the industry for a long time.

Design department

—— Carry out research on product innovation and application of new technology, establish product standardization series, improve product technology level of the company, and meet market and customer demand.

Product design engineer

Job responsibilities:

1、Understand the hot runner and the company's products, familiar with the company's products and accessories models;
2、Drawing drawings in strict accordance with design specifications;
3、Finish the drawing design work arranged by the superior accurately and timely;
4、Complete the required report forms;
5、Report work progress and work result to superior in time.
Job requirements: 
1、Major in mold design and mechanical design;
2、More than 1 year experience in mold design, excellent fresh graduates may be considered;
3、Proficient in UG or PROE, AutoCad, Word, Excel and other software;
4、Moldflow analysis is better.

After-sales service department

—— Provide high quality operation and maintenance service and after-sale service for customers, and provide strong support for design department, sales department and public relations department.

After-sales service

Job responsibilities:

1、Familiar with the company's products and able to answer customers' technical questions about the company's products;
2、Familiar with the production process of customers, responsible for receiving and collecting technical, quality standards and requirements of customers, and timely feedback to relevant departments;
3、Provide on-site technical support, installation and clarification to customers, and assist them in testing products;
4、Quickly deal with quality problems on site and after sales, including site analysis, defect classification, defect rework, information summary and information feedback, assist customers to analyze and verify improvement results;
5、Statistical analysis of the common problems of the after-sale defective products on the client side to provide the basis for the improvement of follow-up products;
6、Solve problems in customer use in a timely manner through quick response and high-quality service, reduce customer complaints and improve customer satisfaction; 7. Local sales personnel provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support, and provide necessary technical training to customers.
Job requirements: 
1、College degree or above, major in mold or machinery is preferred;
2、Experience in hot runner maintenance, mold repair and installation;
3、Hardworking, hardworking, diligent and careful;
4、Willing to travel frequently and work overtime (weekends and holidays) under the leadership;
5、Good interpersonal skills, strong customer service awareness and teamwork spirit;
6、Injection molding experience is preferred.