Create,Tian xun technology was established nearly 20 years ago. At the beginning of the development is committed to introducing foreign advanced hot runner system, bring the advanced technology of environmental protection and energy saving efficiency, injection molding solutions and actively for the domestic and foreign research and development team to learn communication, absorption of professional knowledge and innovation with a hot runner system, cultivating the professional talents, intellectualized transformation to lay the foundation for the enterprise.

Opportunities,As the industry matures, demand broadens the market, which attracts competition, which promotes innovation. "Manufacturing" and "mass", "smart" every company have different expectations to himself, as an enterprise aims to "smart", we don't blindly price war, down-to-earth innovations, to cater to the development of new materials, keep learning, improve scientific research, devoted to harness all high difficult material, strive to become the industry standard technology, enhance the core competitiveness from within.

Future,Internet strategy of non-standard industrial products will face intelligent solution thinking, disruptive change in the industry also the research emphasis of the market, we in the lifting technology at the same time, will also with foreign advanced enterprise management discipline, to cultivate elite management team, allows businesses to get rid of the traditional manufacturing concept, form a "new instruction, leading industry" as the enterprise culture, promote enterprise transformation, the sprint 2025 made in China.

Gratitude,Your attention, choice, and trust give us strength. Let us forge ahead in the path of "wisdom". Let the world see tian xun's technology and let the world rely on China's "wisdom".